Tig Moore Mini Biography

Name: Tig Munje Moore
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: musician/sound engineer
Likes: Surfing, Motorcycles, Most of all his little girl Madi!
Dislikes: Peas, Selfish people, Silverlake hipsters & their bands.

Yes, that's his real name! As a kid, music and the beach were always the thing to do. Equal parts KISS and Earth Wind & Fire, mix in Boogie Boarding at Manhattan Beach Pier and it's the perfect day. He knew he was destined to replace Peter Criss from the fist time he saw them. At age 14, he joined a band. and at 16, he turned pro, joining Aaronsrod from Hawaii (CBS-Roadrunner).

The list of bands Tig has played with is long, here are just a few:
Drug Of Choice
Maiya Sykes
Fine Machine
Kevin Martin & The Hiwatts (Candlebox)
Gene Loves Jezabel

Tig was asked to join The Motels in 2009. "Growing up listening to LA's KROQ, I was very familiar with The Motels" "I loved So LA, and it seemed that Richard Blade & Jed the Fish played it every hour" "I remember seeing the video for 'Only The Lonely' and thinking – The singer's voice is amazing and she's really pretty!"

When he is not playing music, he's mixing it for everyone from Social Distortion to Poison and everywhere in between.  "I am so blessed to have my family and career. Everyday I try to remind myself to stay grateful and remain teachable."