Tim McGovern Mini Biography

Tim McGovern was in a band named "The Pop" which started out in the mid-70’s as a three piece. The Pop’s first break came soon after when the band was chosen to play a series of free Bicentennial concerts in Griffith Park and it was here they met the other bands who would join with them to form Radio Free Hollywood, The Motels and The Dogs.  On a tip from Dean Chamberlin of The Motels, The Pop rented a cheap rehearsal room in the old Columbia Studios lots on Gower Street and the new Radio Free Hollywood coalition organized their own concert at Trouper’s Hall on La Brea Ave. The success of this show managed to break the policy of Hollywood clubs against hiring local unsigned bands. The Pop released records between 1977 and 1981.  In January 1980 Tim McGovern left The Pop to join his girlfriends band, The Motels.

Upon splitting with Martha Davis Tim released a project in 1983 entitled "Burning Sensations." If you liked his guitar playing with The Motels  be ready for something quite a bit different on this mini  4 song album. It's built mainly on Latin rhythms. His lead has taken mainly a back seat to the rest of the musicians and the end result is pretty wild. He does a nice job on vocals too.

Tim continues in music to this day. Easter Sunday 2006 at a biker bar in Algona, Washington (where Tim now resides), you could have watched him playing with his new band, Knuckleheads. He plays lead guitar with tremendous facility...tunes by Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Snoop Dogg, Robin Trower, Led Zep, and even some songs like "Mustang Sally" and "Can't You Hear Me Knocking."