Marty Jourard Mini Biography

Born: August 25, 1954 in Atlanta, Georgia
Born of a piano playing mom and psychology professor father, Marty grew up in Gainsville, Florida and as a youngster listened to Elvis, Leslie Gore, Bobby Vinton, etc... on his old Motorola hi fi player. In high school he learned how to play bass in his first band, "Airmont Classic." Bands came and went such as "Uncle Funnel", "Flash and the Cosmic Blades",  and in 1972 "Road Turkey." It was during this time period that Marty learned to play keyboard and sax and by 1975 had joined the disco band "Southpaw."  1976 saw a move to Los Angeles and college at USC , where he refined his saxaphone playing, met lots of musicians and formed a band called "The Best." He joined the Motels in August 1978 and lasted till its demise Feb, 13 1987. A year later he formed the R&B group "Locomotive."

In 1989, after thirteen years in Los Angeles, Marty moved to Seattle, Washington where he now resides. But Marty has not faded from music by any stretch. He has a piano lesson book out called "the Marty Method" and has formed a Seattle based bossa nova band called Novabossa (

His webpage is: