Lisa Brenneis Mini Biography

Bass player Lisa Brenneis founded the Warfield Foxes in the Berkeley area of California in 1971 and she and her bandmates headed to Los Angeles in 1975 to see if they could make it big. Music was not as high on the agenda for her as it was for her partners and it is believed she was "gently" nudged out of the band. Afterwards I know nothing of any music in her history but by 1987 she was married to Jim Churchill and they have since started a wonderful semi-organic Tangerine business in Ojai, Ca. ( They are experts on the pixie tangerine and sales are nationwide.

In talking with former bandmates they are pretty much in agreement that Lisa was the genius of the group, and her later accomplishmensts certainly don't dispute that. Lisa is an expert on the Final Cut program for the MAC computer and has written many books on the subject... her fingerprints are everywhere at Her expertise has crossed over into all aspects of the digital world and she has served as a teacher, author, panelist, and film production manager. Her production credits range from interactive digital media to educational films, animation to live action, documentary to poetic fantasy. Her clients have included Disney, MCA/Universal, the Getty Museum, the Library of Congress, the International Olympic Committee, Mattel, and more defunct new-media startups than you can possibly imagine. She has created media for Nintendo and Museums and is a founding member of "IEX" which was a forum meeting place for people to exchange ideas about the expressive principles underlying interactive media. Finally, her resume would not be complete without saying that she has also starred in the play "A bag full of Cats: interfaces with the parallel universe."