Jon Siebels Mini Biography

Name: Jonathan Lee Siebels
Birthplace: Hollywood

Jon grew up in La Crescenta with parents who were both working musicians and by high school he had started a band with his friend Max Collins called "Yakoo." While friends were flipping burgers and doing homework, Collins and Siebels (plus a drummer with whom they later parted ways) were writing songs, practicing, and playing gigs at coffeehouses, parties, and bars where they were too young to buy a drink.The group morphed into "Eleventeen," added Tony Fagenson, changed their name again to "Eve 6" and spent the next 7 years touring and making records. "Eve 6" by the way took the name from an episode of "The X-Files" in which a psych ward patient bites her guard's eyeball right out of its socket. "Eve 6" disbanded in 2004 and Jon joined up with Eric Gardner in the band "Monsters are Waiting" ( and usually plays bass with "The Motels" (though depending on the situation he also plays lead guitar, drums and keyboard). I understand his scrabble playing is pretty good.