Clint Walsh Mini Biography

Name: John Clinton Walsh
Birthplace: Hartford , CT.
Occupation: musician
Likes: red sox, cows, led zeppelin
Dislikes: mustard, taxes, Hillary duff

Clint goes by his middle name and actually started out playing the trumpet. As a kid he was a fan of baseball, Star Wars and the Fonz and did the whole piano lesson thing until, being influenced by an Irish rock band, he settled on the guitar. I don't know if it's fate or not but a few months after buying his first Motels album he was contacted by the band to do a little jamming. Soon after, he joined The Motels as a lead guitarist.

Over the last 15 years, he's played in bands which include the Dwarves, and Juliet & the Licks, and he concurrently now plays in a band called “Tweaker” with his musical partner, Chris Vrenna. He's also worked on video game theme songs and scores (doom 3, area 51) and remixes (U2, Weezer, Xzibit). And when not performing with the The Motels or Tweaker you can also catch Clint playing electric guitar in the band Gnarls Barkley.