Charles "Chuck" Wada Mini Biography

Born: 1951
Where: Raised in San Mateo, CA

Charles "Chuck" Wada was one of the original founding members of "The Motels." From 1971 to 1977 he wrote most of the band's material as well as playing rhythm and lead guitar for the group. 

From 1965-1969 Chuck went to San Mateo High School along with future bandmate, Dean Chamberlain, and while playing with the Motels attained his B.A. in Philosophy from UC Berkeley.

Chuck played in several bands following The Motels and formed an L.A. group called "The Flying Tigers"...going by the name Muddy Wada. (I have not been able to confirm this info from a second source). He helped form the band The Clones with Rich La Bonte of sci-fi writing fame, the Wogs, XWogs, and Beachy and the Beachnuts.

In 1984 when the band "The Rave-Ups" reformed in Los Angeles, lead singer Jimmer Podrasky recruited Chuck on guitar, Tim Jimenez (drums), and bassist Douglas Leonard. Chuck was only there for the first ep but the band had a moment of fame when in the movie "Sixteen Candles", Molly Ringwald's character has scratched "The Rave-Ups" with a ball point pen into her three-ring binder.

Chuck still writes and is a successful financial advisor in the San Fernando Valley.