Brian Glascock Mini Biography

date of birth: 17 July 1948
place of birth: England

In his early career Brian Glascock played in bands to numerous to mention but the 60's and 70's found him playing drums for such groups as The Strangers (62-64), The Gods, Toe Fat, the Bee Gees, Carmen and Captain Beyond. He also did studio work for such artists as Joan Armatrading and Iggy Pop. Before The Motels had broken up, Brian had hooked up with a band called "War Bride" and they made a video and a demo cd in 1986. Later that same year he teamed up with yet another group called "Hot Heads" who played the FM Station in North Hollywood on the 22 of August 1986. Hot Heads even put out an EP by the end of that year.

Post Motels found Brian playing in various local L.A. groups before joining Menthol Hill in April 1995. Menthol Hill, fronted by Eric Forst on guitar and vocals, toured during '96 and '97, recorded an independent release of their songs, and, in June of 1998,  independently released their first CD.

He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN where he works as a photo technician and since 2006 performs music regularly with 30 Second Crash, a high-energy rock'n'roll combo based in Minneapolis. He also plays occasionally with other local bands including the Don King Blues Band, the Senders and was also the drummer for the Ruth Adams Polka Band for a short while.