Adrian Peritore (Guy Perry) Mini Biography

date of birth: 20 March 1951
place of birth: Brooklyn, NY (moved to Valley Stream, NY at the age of 4)

Just a few tidbits on Adrian's early years. Sometime in the early 70's he played in a pshychedelic rock band called "Elephant's Memory" and is featured on their album "Take It to the Streets." Adrian is incorrectly credited on the album cover as "Greg Paratore" so he decided to go with a name that was simpler, and chose the stage name Guy Perry. He was also a session guitarist around L.A. for several years.

In 1982 Adrian Peritore was approached by his friend, Steve Goldstein, who was working on The Motels recording of All Four One. He said they needed a guitar player, put him on a list, and when the smoke cleared there he was. Most of the guitar tracks for the album were laid down by the time he joined the band but he added his touches to 2 or 3 songs. He quit the band one week before his 5th anniversary and  a month before The Motels broke up for good.

He then went back into doing session work and formed a heavy metal band called "Harlow" with his former wife on guitar and her brother on drums. More recently Adrian has been writing and producing things for film and television including the Disney film "First Kid," starring Sinbad.  His production company developed a young singer named Hadas, who was signed to Epic Records. Adrian worked for Guitar Center in Austin, TX and has been involved in a variety of band projects around there in the last several years.